Life sucks!

The ‘Alchemistian’ view of life is that if you really want something then the entire world conspires to help you. But I have had some ‘anti-alchemistian’ days where you want to get something done and you will find roadblocks all along. You end up spending three to four times of energy and time you would normally require to finish the task. Today was one such day.

My herculean task from last two to three days was to get a pen to write. All the pens I had were out of ink and the near-by shop is out of stock for refills. And I am using a blunt pencil to write since last three days since I cannot find a sharpner. One might ask why I am not going one kilometer further to reach the shopping area and buy. I will pretend I did not listen to that question! With this background, today I have to go to bank and deposit money. The ATM near my house is out of cash and I have to go in the opposite direction of bank to withdraw money. The guy inside the ATM was trying to withdraw money using five different cards, not even one working. Unable to get an auto or bus from the ATM to the bank, may be due to the bandh. After a long wait, I could finally hop into an auto. The guy sitting next to me wants to put his hand directly onto my face to hold the end of the window next to me. After an uncomfortable journey, finally reached the bank. I could not find any forms to deposit money. After searching every desk for forms, finally the bank person says that I cannot deposit money due to bandh, the online banking system is down. I decided to walk back the two kilometers from the bank instead of waiting for a bus again. One good thing is that my memory worked for once and I remembered to buy the refills for my pens on the way back.

Though these are small things going wrong, their combined synchronized happening to the same person on the same day all one after the another proves my ‘anti-alchemistian’ day theory. As one of the blogger says here, probably you should just enjoy the irony of life, laugh at the difficulties posed by it and move on. Do not expect anything better; after all, life sucks!


~ by loginlogout on January 21, 2010.

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