I don’t understand…

  1. How can a guy come rushing from no where, cut the queue by pushing you aside when you have just reached the ticket counter after waiting patiently and still look happy and guilt-free?
  2. How can those guys sit happily and shamelessly in the seats allotted for women and senior citizens in the city buses, unaffected by the dirty looks given by the women/old people around them?
  3. How can that guy in the bus-stop continue to smoke joyfully over my face when I will be constantly and visibly coughing and choked from the cigarette smell?
  4. Why is that some girls talk/giggle/laugh so loudly that from the fear of going deaf I have to run away from them for 100 meters, when the person they are talking to is standing just next to them?
  5. Why am I writing all these on this blog when it makes no difference to anyone mentioned above?

I don’t know… I have no idea.


~ by loginlogout on January 22, 2010.

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